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WorkSpace Portal generates reminder emails whenever you make changes to a client’s account which may require their attention. These Portal Reminders are easy to configure and


Whenever you perform actions such as adding a client to your portal, uploading an invoice or document, or creating a Meeting Request, WorkSpace will generate a Portal Reminder email to send to your client. This email will include the details of what took place and include a link to the file if you uploaded one.

To send these reminders, you can either click Yes at the time you are notified of a reminder, or you can go to the Contacts tab, select the Portal button, and choose View Portal Reminders.

Your reminder emails will show in a list on the left section of this screen. You can send reminders by clicking Send Selected. This will only send emails which have been checked off in the list.

You can also make on-the-fly changes to the Email To address, Subject, and Body of each email. To make changes to any of these templates, go to Setup > My Company > Information & Settings > Email Templates.