Integrated payment functionality

Ease and speed

One-click payment experience

Security and compliance

Reporting for reconciliation

Take the work out of getting paid

Activating Abacus Payment Exchange (APX) inside OfficeTools up-levels your service delivery by enabling your accounting firm to accept automatic payments.  The integrated payment feature speeds remit times and provides real-time cash-flow visibility to simplify your back office from invoicing to posting.

Automatic payments reduce processing from weeks to days.
1-3 weeks
< 2 days
With APX

Instantly reconcile payments in OfficeTools
2-3x faster

Generate & email invoices
in under 30 seconds

Simple and secure
online payments

Unlike other accounting firm payment options, we use a single platform to process your accounts and bill clients. This simplifies your billing workflow and means you’ll get paid as quickly as your bank allows.

Maximizing on-time payments with one-click functionality reduces the number of accounts receivables and eliminates the domino effect of slow and late payments.

Manage and review transactions within OfficeTools, and stay informed about your firm’s overall financial health with reports that provide greater visibility on client activity and real-time insight for easier reconciliation.

​​Your client’s data is safe. APX fully complies with industry standards like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

How to request a retainer payment
How to save client payment information
How to securely share an invoice with clients
How to send an invoice with a payment link
How to send bulk invoices with payment links
How to set up integrated payments
How to process an ACH/eCheck payment
How to access and run reports for payments
How to enable surcharging
How to get notified when payments are made
How to process a credit card payment

Let us show you how our automated payments processing software saves accounting firms loads of time.

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