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Now available: Premium Support for OfficeTools & Abacus Private Cloud

Our Premium Support offering is designed for customers seeking to further reduce business risk, increase productivity, and optimize their investment in AbacusNext technology through a more direct and customized partnership with the AbacusNext support organization.

Enroll in a Premium Support plan by contacting your Account Manager or call 858-882-4879.

With Premium Support enrollment, your firm will get:

When updates to your software are released, you can get individual support from a dedicated representative to make sure the updates are deployed quickly and efficiently.

You may contact us by telephone on a 24×5 basis to report a software problem or service request and provide input for the severity level of the issue. Your issue severity level determines our initial response objective, so expect contact within:

  • 30 Minutes response time, 24 x 5, for Severity Level 1
  • 2 Hours response time, 24 x 5, for Severity Level 2
  • 4 regular business hours response time, for Severity Level 3

You have access to a dedicated support phone line that will place you in our Premium Support queue for expedited response to your requests.

Your TAM is available for a yearly onsite visit to review your account, plan your upcoming upgrade, participate in strategic planning discussions, and review product
roadmaps. Your TAM will be available for weekly or bi-weekly project calls with you to ensure you are getting the most out of the premium service. In addition, your TAM will assist with scheduling your application upgrade at a time that meets your business needs. Upon request, we’ll also create a screen recording of the process we used to resolve your ticket, or a written step-by-step guide on how to use the software.

Access to our Learning Management System (LMS) which includes all of our certification training classes, video content, and more.

Additional support and guidance for OfficeTools


Become an OfficeTools expert on your own terms with tutorials and personalized training options. Our Resource Library features on-demand videos that provide an overview of OfficeTools WorkSpace, and tips for getting started.

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If you are looking for additional hands-on training, assistance with integrations with other applications, using an older versions of OfficeTools WorkSpace, or for more in-depth customizations, our professional services team is standing by.

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