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The Outlook Sync can play an imperative part in keeping all of your staff on top of client corresponding by creating a transparent system for seeing email correspondence from anyone in the office. What we highly recommend you do is create 2 folders in Outlook; one called “Workspace Inbox” (under your actual inbox) and one called “Workspace Sent” (under your actual sent box). What this allows you to do is completely control which emails are actually exported into Practice Management Workspace. The reason for the two folders and specific locations is the Outlook sync determines which client in PM Workspace to send that email to based on email address. If the email was sent from the client you want it to read the address that it was sent from and vice-versa for emails that you sent to the client. Please note: If an email address does not exist in the MAIN CONTACT email address field in Practice Management Workspace, that email will not be imported in.