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OfficeTools WorkSpace is a practice management software suite. We bring CRM, Time & Billing, Workflow Tracking, and Document Management together into one fully integrated package. WorkSpace is designed to be used throughout the day as your centralized hub. All phone numbers, tasks, time cards, documents and invoices should be kept and generated from within WorkSpace, along with various other useful tools and software integrations.


OfficeTools WorkSpace connects your entire office. All staff members work from the same database and should utilize WorkSpace as their go to for all information. Have a new phone number from a contact? Key it into WorkSpace first and allow it to push to Intuit’s QuickBooks, Lacerte Tax Software, Outlook, Profile, and others.

Need to complete your firm’s journey to go paperless? Utilize WorkSpace’s integrated Document Management System to organize all your digital documents. Through the use of WorkSpace’s Drop Folder function, out Microsoft Add-ins, the PDF Printer Driver, or just a simple drag and drop, you retain control of your files on your own server location but enjoy the organization and connected benefits of an integrated software.

Do you invoice your clients? Of course you do. WorkSpace offers a complete time and billing system. From tracking time, to invoicing, to collecting payments WorkSpace has a solution for your billing process. Use our QuickBooks integration to keep your firm’s financials connected. WorkSpace Portal allows for you to send invoices digitally and collect payments online (merchant service not provided).

WorkSpace combines everything you already do in your firm into one neat and integrated software. The true one-stop-shop is here.