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The Other Settings tab in the Payroll and Time Settings window will allow access to various time tracking settings.

  1. Allow Automatic Timecard creation when completing a… allows for you to set which types of tasks in OfficeTools WorkSpace will be available for an automatic timecard. As noted on screen each staff will have to turn these options on or off in the My Settings section.
  2. Restrict time card entry to Clients only will make it so no time may be tracked for any entity that is not a client. So prospects, vendors, professional entities, etc… will all be excluded from time tracking.
  3. Allow Individual timers only will make it so that only timer can be open at one time.
  4. Pause running timers when starting a new timer will allow multiple timers to be open, but will always pause any other timer that may be currently running when a new one is started.
  5. Restrict time card entry to x days ago is a setting that locks the time sheet for staff with a rolling time frame. If it is set to 7 days for example time will not be editable starting 7 days ago. Please note this setting does not apply to staff with the System Administrator or Timesheet Manager user rights.