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Contact Groups are a key component of WorkSpace’s CRM capabilities. They can be used to group clients together for mass mailing, email campaigns, envelope and label printing, etc. To access the Contact Groups menu, navigate to Setup>Contacts>Assign Contact Groups. This will allow you to define or create desired Contact Group labels, assign contacts to a group by contact, and allow you to assign contacts to a group by group.


Defining your Contact Groups is the first step in successfully utilizing this function. In whatever fashion that contacts need to be organized and grouped (Monthly Newsletter Clients, Holiday Letter Clients, Payroll Clients, etc…), those labels should be added into your Contact Group options.

Contact Groups Menu

There are two options to make sure the appropriate contacts are associated to the correct Contact Groups. The lesser used option is assigning Contact Groups by Contact, meaning you pick a contact and associate all of the Contact Groups they are a part of to them. Assign main contacts, alternate contacts, and dependents separately using the corresponding buttons in the upper right hand corner of the window. On the left of the screen will be all Contact Groups that have been created. Click on one or use the “Shift” or “Ctrl” keys to select multiple and click “Add ->” to assign the chosen Contact Groups to that contact. This option is most commonly used when you acquire new contacts.

Contact Group Define

Similarly, you can assign Contact Groups by Contact Group, meaning you choose a group and then assign all contacts that are a part of that group all at once. This is a much more common method of assigning Contact Groups. Simply choose the desired Contact Group in the upper left hand corner drop down menu and utilize the search box directly below to find contacts or select them in the list on the left. You can select multiple contacts by using the “Shift” or “Ctrl” keys and clicking add to assign the chosen contacts to the selected Contact Group.

Contact Groups By Contact

These menus can also be accessed by clicking on the “Settings” icon in the toolbar of the “Contacts” tab. (Settings icon resembles two gears)

Contact Groups By Contact Group