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Part of OfficeTools WorkSpace’s CRM functionality is the ability to create/ print labels and envelopes.


To setup a label, go to Reports> Labels & Envelopes> Customize.

The next screen that pops up is the area where you can create new labels, rename or delete existing ones. The Label Name is the Title of the Label. The Label type is where you can select one of the existing Avery labels, or if you select Custom Label, you can enter in your own dimensions.

After selecting a label, you can now populate your merge fields for the information that you want on the label. To input merge fields, put your cursor in the correct place and select the wanted Merge Field from the menu.

After creating your label, you can now print them. Go to: Reports> Labels & Envelopes> Print. The Contact Labels and Envelopes window that appears allows you to filter who you want to print a label for. After selecting your filters, fonts, item type, and options, you can preview or print.