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A work code is used for identifying the billable rate(s) associated to a specific type or types of work performed. Work codes are designed to allow ease of identifying for purposes of a time card and/or invoice as it pertains to the billable amount as well as the invoice description.


Very simply put a work code, in OfficeTools Workspace, is the unit of time tracking a staff member uses to record the difference in the type of job they are doing. Work Codes are required to track time in Workspace, there is no way to do so without one. When an office is implementing this system, they will need to build a list of work codes that are relevant to the services that they provide. A general work code list is provided upon installation that most closely adheres to the Accounting and Tax industry.

So, work codes define the work a person is doing in the office. Now with that, a work code also carries a staff specific billable rate. The work codes are NOT staff specific, but each staff member in an office will have a unique billable rate for each billable code. This make the time tracking process streamlined for staff members, and directly tied into the billing system.

Work codes also capture non-billable time as well. That way you can track admin time when your staff is working on non-client based activities. Along with billable and non-billable codes there is also the capability of creating a PTO work code, which will allow for paid time off to be tracked separately from the billable and non-billable time.

In OfficeTools Workspace, work codes are the foundation for any office that wants a time metric in their office. From staff payroll, to WIP billing, to Client Utilization, work codes are the building blocks to the perfect picture of overall profitability.