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VIDEO GUIDEThe Project Reminders tab controls the alerts that are available for the Project as a whole.

  1. Popup Reminder will allow you to set a popup that will generate in AIMI based on a number of days prior to the due date of that project. This alert will be generated for the Project Manager, whoever is labeled as such.
  2. Add to Activity List is the most relied upon reminder as it adds an item to the Activity List of the Project Manager a set number of days prior to the due date. This alert remains on the Activity List until that project is completed, or the due date is changed.
  3. The next option controls information that shows in the detail view of the contact list. You will find this section right under the list of your contacts in tab form right next to an option that says List View. The Detail View of the contact list focuses on the selected contact and has more in depth information available like projects coming due. You can populate a number of days ahead of the due date of a project that you may want an alert to show in the Detail View of the contact list.
  4. The last two options control bulk applications across existing projects.
    1. If you made changes to your global project settings after projects have been created, you may need to push the changes out and update those existing projects.
    2. If you wanted to create checklists, a subset of needed items, for existing projects or assignments the second option will allow you to do that.