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Assignment options control how the project will progress through the assignments that have been defined in the assignment group.

  1. Use Assignment groups will only allow assignments that have been chosen for the given project to be assigned.
    1. After Last Assignment Complete Project will complete the whole project when the very last assignment in the assignment group is completed. Because the assignment groups should be in chronological order the last assignment should be the last assignment in the process.
  2. Enforce Assignment order will require every step to be assigned according to the order of the assignment group. There can be no deviation forward or backward and there can be no duplication of any step.
  3. Allow Concurrent Open Assignments will make it so that more than one assignment can be assigned at one time. While OfficeTools WorkSpace is designed to be a “Pass the Torch” system, a scenario may arise where more than one assignment will need to exist. Please keep in mind this may affect your reporting ability as to where you are in the process.
  4. Fill Work List on Project Creation will take every assignment that exists in the assignment group and populate every single step. Typically used with something like an Audit, this will negate the “Pass the Torch” concept and require each step to be individually assigned and managed using the Work List button found on the Projects tab.
    1. Assign to Previous Staff affects the project as it rolls forward and will assign the previous staff to the steps that they did during the last project. Keep in mind that the Work List does need to be filled on project creation in order for this to take place which means that you, again, lose the desired “Pass the Torch” concept.
  5. Auto Populate Due Date will create a due date based on one of the subsequent options. The due dates that are being filled are the assignment due dates, not the project due date.
    1. Choosing Use Project Deadline Reminder will use the number of days prior to the due date that have been set for the project as a whole. For example, is you have a project that is due on April 15th and you have it set to show up 10 days prior, all of your assignments will be due on April 5th.
    2. Auto populating the assign date will make all assign dates the date you create the project and the due dates will be set based on the assignment reminders. For example, if you are creating your projects on January 15th, and you have your assignments set to be due 5 days after assigned, your assigned dates will be January 15th and your due dates will be January 20th.
  6. The Initial Assignment for New Projects allows you to choose the first assignment that will be assigned for ALL new projects.