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The Time Settings option in the Payroll and Time Settings screen includes options to make tracking time easier and more streamlined.

  1. Time Card Printing Note is a section located on the Time Sheet that allows you to populate a note that your staff has to sign off on when turning in their time sheets.
  2. Mileage Rate should be the rate per mile that you reimburse your staff when they track mileage.
  3. Mileage Description is the verbiage that will be used on an invoice if mileage is charged to a client.
  4. Actual Time Rounding is how your STAFF’s time will be rounded. This is different from what you may bill the client. Typically offices will not round the actual time as they prefer to not have staff getting credit for more time than they worked.
  5. Billable Time Rounding affects how the billable time is created but leaves the actual amount untouched. This would most commonly be used if you are charging 15 minute increments to your clients but don’t necessarily want the 5 minutes your staff tracked to turn into 15 minutes on their timesheet.
  6. On the left hand side of OfficeTools WorkSpace, right beneath the Contact List you will find two tabs labeled “List View” and “Detail View”. These tabs affect how the Contact List displays. List View tends to be the most used and is the default view because it displays all Contacts in your database in a list type view. The Detail View of the Contact List displays contact specific data with one being total hours unbilled. You select how old time has to be to show up there based on days. If time remains unbilled past 45 days for example you can have it set to show up in the Detail View for that client.
  7. Require Project or Case Matter in Timesheet means that in order to track time in OfficeTools WorkSpace, it will need to be tracked against an existing project.
    1. If the above option is selected you can make a caveat requiring time to be tracked against a project only if there is already a project that exists for that contact. If there is not an existing project, the time will be allowed to be tracked with the no project.
    2. If the above option is selected you can choose to have the project pre-filled if there is only one project that exists.
  8. Show All Active Assignments when Entering Time will make it so when you are tracking time against a project you are permitted to track time against any assignment that is currently assigned, even if that assignment does not belong to you.
  9. Show Budgets when Entering Time will show the budgeted time for the appropriate task in the time card window while tracking time.
  10. Show Completed Projects when Entering Time will allow for all projects currently assigned or completed to have time tracked against them. This can get dangerous as completed projects tend to not be on the radar thus the time may be lost.
  11. Disable Cancel on Time Cards will make it so that if a staff completes a task, or generates a time card that window will not be allowed to be closed until time is tracked.