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Projects and To-Do’s are both useful features in WorkSpace which may seem very similar in function, but they have very different applications. What is the difference between them and what kinds of work are they best applied to?


To-Do’s can only be assigned to one staff member. They can recur on a periodic basis, but they do not have any automatic due date calculation rules other than being due a number of periods after the last due date. They do not automatically prompt you to create another To-Do for another staff member. They do not carry checklists forward to the next To-Do. There is only one basic report which includes To-Do’s.

Projects have Assignments which are comprised of all of the steps involved in completing a major project, such as a tax return. Projects can be configured to rollover on a periodic basis and automatically calculate a due date that is prior to or after a weekend or holiday. Completing an assignment on a project will automatically prompt you for the next assignment. Checklists will copy to the next period’s project. You can configure Missing Information and Project Notes to rollover to the next as well. There are also many reporting options available for Projects.

Because of the features available in Projects, To-Do’s should mostly be used for basic reminders and admin tasks. Any major projects or engagements which require workflow tracking, centralized documentation, or advanced reporting should be created as a Project.