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Within the Document Management System (DMS) you will see the word category very frequently. This guide will help to define what a category is in the context of the DMS and give some insight into how you should design them.


A category in OfficeTools WorkSpace’s DMS is a building block to how you name or label a document. It will be a pivotal piece in how you find specific documents in the future. We have designed the labels of a document to have the contact’s name, the year, a project (if applicable), and a category. The categories are built by you as a user and should define what type of document you may be dealing with. Categories can get fairly granular, again, this is the best way of finding specific types of documents at a later time. POA, Email Inbox, Tax Return, Source Documents; these are all examples of categories used. A typical document path would look like this:

ABC COMPANY>2015>1120 Business Tax Return>Tax Return. This displays the client, the tax return year, the project, and the category.

Build your categories in a way that allows to quickly find and pull any specific type of document. A lot of times in OfficeTools WorkSpace setup and best practices, simplicity and less options are encouraged; Categories are the exception to that rule as this list should be comprehensive to any label that would make finding documents easier.