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When cleaning your contact list OfficeTools WorkSpace provides the option to hide a contact rather than deleting it completely from the database. This guide will show how to find the contacts that have been hidden in the software.


If you have accidentally hidden a contact, regained an old client’s business, or simply want to look through the contacts that are no longer available in your contact list you will need to access the Unhide Contact option in OfficeTools WorkSpace.

First you will need to access the Contacts menu at the very top left of your screen. Then, from the menu select Unhide Contact.

From the window that follows you can elect to either search for a hidden contact or select from a list of contacts that have been hidden. You can choose to unhide a specific contact, or print the Hidden Contact list.

Please note if you unhid a contact, you may need to refresh your actual Contact List in WorkSpace to get it to show.