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When you are billing your clients on a periodic basis, you can easily include a summary of their recent account activity by enabling the Previous Balance & Current Payments option on their invoice.


If “Print Previous Balance & Current Payments” is enabled, two rows will be printed on invoices just before the “Balance Due.”

These rows can be added or removed at a global, contact, or invoice level. For the global setting, navigate to Setup > My Company > Information & Settings > Invoicing > Aging tab. Select the “Print Previous Balance & Current Payments” option. When this option is changed, it will only apply to new invoices created after the change.

If you need to change this setting for a specific contact in order to deviate from the global setting, select the “gears” icon in the Billing tab while viewing the Invoices section. Select the Invoice Options tab and ensure that the “C” radio button is selected along with the change that you wish to make to this contact’s settings. As with the global setting, this will only apply to new invoices and will not affect existing ones.

To change these settings on a specific invoice, edit the invoice and select the “gears” icon in the top left corner of the invoice window. Change the “Print Previous Balance & Current Payments” to the desired setting.

The calculation method of these values can only be configured at a global level. The default setting for “When to Calculate Balances” is “From most recent prior invoice.” This means that the balance remaining on invoices which were dated prior to the last invoice will comprise the Previous Balance and any payments which were made between the dates of the prior invoice and the current one will be included in Current Payments.

The other three options will behave similarly based on the time frame selected. “From ‘X’ Days Ago” will establish a time frame from the number of days specified to the date of the invoice, “From the first day of the prior month” will use the first day of the month prior to the date of the invoice, and “As of Today” will include all invoice balances and payments dated prior to or on the invoice’s date.