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The Assignment Reminders screen has two major settings that control how reminders that are affected by the assignments are displayed.

  1. For projects with an Assignment will control the default number of days that is given to each staff to complete an assignment. For example, when you assign something like Input/Prep of a 1040 on January 21st, and you have the option set for 3 days before the due date, the due date will assume January 24th because it is 3 days before the due date. This can, of course, be changed when you are assigning that assignment.
  2. For projects without an Assignment controls the alert that is generated when a project has no assignment aka remaining in Unprocessed. If your project is still in the default assignment of “Unprocessed” a specific number of days prior to the due date, an alert will be generated for the Account Manager until that project is assigned.

Please note that there are instances where both the Project Reminder for due dates and the Unprocessed alert will show on your Activity List concurrently. They will be similar in appearance and make look like you have a duplication. They will differ as one will say Unprocessed at the end.