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While fundamentally unrelated, event types and holidays both affect the calendar immensely. From your view of your appointments, to knowing when and how to label the appointment, event types and holidays add that extra layer onto your schedule.


Event Types

Event Types can be used to categorize items such as Notes, To-Dos and Calls and to distinguish between appointment types.

Maintaining the Event Type list and adding new types can be accomplished by navigating to Schedule within the Setup menu and selecting Event Types. Click Add to create a new type. The description will be displayed in the Type field when creating Notes, Calls, To-Dos and Appointments. Entering the Long Description will populate that description into the Subject line when creating appointments. A color for the event type can be chosen. This is helpful when looking at a calendar full of different types of appointments. If wanted, a default work code can be selected for this type. The Display field defines where this event type can be used. Marking the event type Private then using the Staff selector to choose the staff able to view it ensures privacy from all other staff when the event type is used.

Clicking Ok saves the Event Type and all chosen settings.

Calendar Holidays

Calendar Holidays gives your firm the opportunity to add and display holidays and other important dates on the calendar for all staff.

Navigate to Schedule in the Setup menu and select Calendar Holidays. The main screen will display a list of Holidays with a check mark to indicate whether they show on the calendar or not. Utilizing the drop-down menu below will filter the list to show only holidays listed in a selected category. Using the Show All and Show None options will mark or remove checkmarks on all holidays.

To add a new Holiday to the list, select Add. The name field is the description displayed on the calendar. Adding a background image will display the selected image on the day when in Month View and the option to Show on Calendar can be selected from this screen. When selecting the date for the holiday, keep in mind that selecting a specific date for the holiday will cause it to only display once on the selected month, day and year. For a holiday or event, like a birthday, that occurs on the same date every year, the best option would be to select the Month and Day of Month option. For any Holidays that do not fall on a specific date in the month, Thanksgiving for instance, the Month, Week and Day of Week option should be used. Clicking Ok will save all settings and can be edited or deleted at any time by accessing the Calendar Holiday screen again.