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The Time Card Export takes the Time Cards you and your staff have created in WorkSpace and duplicates them as Time Trackings in QuickBooks. These Time Trackings contain the same notes, hours, billable status, billable rate, associated customer, associated staff, and related Work Code (Service Item) as the original item in WorkSpace.

To Access the Time Card Export, go to Setup -> QuickBooks -> Time & Billing -> Export Time Cards. This will open up the Time Card Export form.

Time Card Export

The Time Card Export contains a group of filters to help you select only the Time Cards you need to export. You can filter by Contact, Employee, Work Code, or Date Range. Once you have the range filtered to where you need it, you can use the ‘Select All’ or ‘Select None’ button to quickly select\unselect the items you want, the click ‘Export Selected’ to begin the export process. As the Time Cards are exported, the green progress bar at the bottom will increase, letting you know how far it has processed. When the sync runs into any errors, it will highlight the row of the faulted item in a red/pink background. When you see one of these red/pink rows, click on it to view the error message. The error message will be displayed directly under the data grid.

PLEASE NOTE: If you get a message that states “The Item ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ does not exist in QuickBooks”, where ‘xxxxxxxxxx’ is either the name of an item or an alpha-numeric string, then the error is because one of the items related to the time card (either Employee, Contact, or Work Code) is not synchronized with QuickBooks. So for that particular item, note which Contact and Employee it is for, and which Work Code it uses, and use the ‘Match’ forms to either Link or Export the missing item. If you have linked/exported the Contact, Employee, and Work Code, but you still get the error, then it is due to the Payroll Item for the Work Code that the time card references. So you will need to re-setup the Payroll Items for that particular Work Code using the ‘Payroll Item Setup’ feature under Setup -> QuickBooks -> Work Codes.

PLEASE NOTE: If you get a message that ‘This Employee is not setup to use time data to create paychecks’, then you must set them up before attempting to export any more time cards. To enable the ‘Use Time data to create paychecks’ option on an employee, go to (in QuickBooks) Employee Center and double-click the staff member you need to edit. In the ‘Edit Employee’ window, go to ‘Payroll Info’ and check in the box that says ‘Use time data to create paychecks‘.

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