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There are many causes of the ‘No Disk’ error while attempting to use the QuickBooks Integration.
Here is the list of common causes (and solutions) to this problem:
  • Windows start menu’s ‘Recent Items’ contains files that no longer exist
    • Click Start > Control Panel > Task Bar & Start Menu > Start Menu Tab > Customize > Clear List
  • You have Windows XP SP2 or SP3 installed
    • Remove any Microsoft Updates with the the following KB Article numbers:
      • KB925902
      • KB931261
      • KB930178
      • KB931784
      • KB932168
  • You have the Reader_sl service running
    • Start -> Run -> ‘msconfig’ -> Services -> Disable the ‘Reader_sl’ service
  • You have a floppy disc drive that is failing
    • Disable that drive from within the Computer’s BIOS settings
  • You have a blank floppy disc, USB drive, flash memory, memory card, or external hard drive inserted
    • Turn off Indexing on those drives / cards
  • You have a ‘RealTek’ audio device
    • Multiple Microsoft updates conflict with this device. There is no resolution
  • You have older Symantec software installed
    • Uninstall the old version and update to a more recent one
  • You have multiple USB peripherals installed
    • Uninstall and reinstall all USB peripheral hardware & software
  • You have Multiple Hard Drives / Card readers
    • Remove all hard drives / card readers OTHER THAN the primary. Boot up the computer into windows, then shut the computer down and re-install all the secondary drives / readers