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The Payroll + Time button in the My Company Information and Settings section controls various internal time related components, including pay period interval, overtime rules, time rounding, timesheet options, and pop-up time card and timer settings.


The Payroll Settings tab in the Payroll and Time Settings screen allows you to set up your pay cycle for timesheet purposes.

  1. Type of Pay Period is where you will designate which interval your pay cycle uses. The options are weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and custom. Custom will be used for the Semi-Monthly type of cycle.
  2. Period Ending Day will only be used for weekly pay cycles.
  3. Period Ending Date will be used for bi-weekly and monthly pay cycles to signify the exact ending date and set the reoccurring schedule.
  4. Custom Payroll Period Days will allow you to set your semi-monthly begin days for the first interval, and the second interval. Please remember that these should be the days that your pay cycle BEGINS, not ends.
  5. There are two choices for overtime calculations:
    1. Federal Law will calculate overtime on any hour over 40 hours in the work week. Until the 40th hour is tracked, no overtime will be calculated.
    2. California Law will track overtime on any hour over 8 hours in a day and any hour over 40 hours per week.