Sometimes you need a little extra help. So, we have compiled comprehensive scenarios, quick fixes, and explanations that can guide you to successfully running OfficeTools WorkSpace™.


User Guides

Whether it’s installation, getting started, contact management, time tracking, billing or projects there is guide to help you through it all. User guides are a great way to get started but are not meant to be the end all solution. Since our products are very comprehensive we recommend complementing our guides with some of the personal training choices below.


Training Videos

View videos from your computer which include setup instructions for administrators and basic use training for staff. Videos available: Basic (How to Use WorkSpace™), Advanced (Management, Billing, and Workflow), Administrator (Step-by-step Configuration and Setup).


Online Training

Using a secure remote connection to your computer, training is available over the phone for unlimited users including multiple locations (upon request). Online Training can cover multiple topics both for New (Onboarding) and Advanced Users. You can schedule training online HERE.

Training is provided in 1hr. blocks. Longer training blocks may be available on request and based on availability. Online Product training is billed at $197.00 an hr. and can be pre-purchased. Please contact your sales representative for more information.


Email Training

OfficeTools provides fee-based email training to all WorkSpace™ users. Get quick answers to your questions regarding any subject. Users must first order 2 hours of Web training. Emails are usually answered in less than 24 hours depending on volume and charge in no less than .25 hour increments.


Onsite Training

Services provided by the hour. Travel fees and expenses charged separately, a detailed list can be provided upon request. Additional hours will be charged at $200/hour plus any additional expenses above the estimate upon departure from the client’s site.

IMPORTANT: Technical Support for WorkSpace™ is limited to technical issues or errors that are directly related to installing or operating the WorkSpace™ software only. Best practices, methods, processes are considered consultative training and are available for purchase.  Information on features and how to operate our software is available for free only on our website in our User Guides section and not available through tech support. We are not responsible for maintaining or troubleshooting your network, computer equipment, or other software. Technical Support does not include training, setup or configuration questions. Comprehensive training for WorkSpace™ is available on an hourly basis or in a training package.

You must possess basic computer skills (e.g. browsing directories and copying files from one place to another) and meet all minimum hardware specifications to obtain support.

If none of these helped, please consider checking out the Knowledge Base. If you still are having trouble, contact one of our customer services members for additional assistance. If you prefer to call us, please contact us at 661-794-2220.

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