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The Employee Import is an extremely easy tool to use. It is easy enough to only need a few buttons and filters, but smart enough to prevent you from duplicating data that may already exist inside of WorkSpace.

To access the Employee Import, from the Menu Bar in Practice Management select Setup -> QuickBooks -> Employees -> Import from QuickBooks.


The Employee Import has two filters… ‘Show Sync’d’ and ‘Show Hidden’. When Show Sync’d is not checked, it will filter the list to only those people who have never been pulled into WorkSpace. When checked, the filter will include everybody, even those you have already pulled over. When checked Show Hidden filter will include people who have been set to ‘Inactive’ in QuickBooks.

PLEASE NOTE: When you import an Employee that has been set to ‘Inactive’, they will be set to ‘Hidden’ in WorkSpace.

You can use the ‘Select All’ and ‘Select None’ buttons to quickly process the list and select only the staff you need to import. Once you have selected the people you want to import, click the ‘Import Selected’ button to begin the process.

If the import runs into any errors, the rows in the data grid will turn red/pink to indicate that item has an error. If you click on a red/pink row, it will display a message below the data grid indicating why the import failed.


On the Menu Bar in WorkSpace, navigate to Setup -> QuickBooks -> Employees -> Export to QuickBooks.


You can use the ‘Select All’ and ‘Select None’ buttons to easily select/unselect Employees en-masse. Once you have selected all of the Employees you wish to export to QuickBooks, click the ‘Export Selected’ button to begin the process. As the export process proceeds, the green progress bar at the bottom will begin to fill. Once the process is complete, you will be prompted with a ‘Completed!’ message. If any errors were encountered, you will get a message that states ‘Some errors were encountered during the sync’. You can then quickly find the Employees that had errors by scrolling through the list looking for any rows that have a red/pink background, and clicking on them. The error will then be displayed in the area just underneath the grid containing the Employee names.


When you have employees in both QuickBooks and WorkSpace that needs to be linked together, the Employee Match function gives you a great deal of power when associating items together.


The Match Employees form has only two filters, ‘Hide Synchronized’ and ‘Show Hidden’. The ‘Show Hidden’ option forces the lists to include staff that have been either ‘Hidden’ in WorkSpace, or set to ‘Inactive’ in QuickBooks. The ‘Hide Synchronized’ option filters the list to where it will only show staff that have not yet been matched.

PLEASE NOTE: If there are no results for an item when the auto match runs, it will not link that contact to anything.

The Employee Match form also has the ability to Import or Export contacts on a case-by-case basis. This functionality allows you to Import or Export staff that were not found and linked by the Auto Match.