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The Outlook Sync is a separate application available, that links your OfficeTools WorkSpace database with your Outlook database in 4 different components. Because this is a separate application it does need to be installed on each staff member’s workstation who wants this function. The installation process happens outside of the installation of WorkSpace so if you need technical support you can always give us a call at 661-794-2220 and speak with a technician for help installing.

Once installed and setup, please keep in mind that the Outlook sync runs in the background. There isn’t anything that you need to do to push information, it will happen automatically. The only thing you want to do is make sure that your sync is running periodically by checking your system tray for the Outlook Sync icon (double yellow arrows).


Please note, while setting up the Outlook Sync that each of the four components of the Outlook Sync can be turned on or off individually. Once the sync has been installed on the desired workstation you can access it by opening your system tray (typically found in the bottom right corner of your main screen next to the time and date of your computer) and clicking on the yellow arrows and choosing the option that reads “Open Control Panel”. That will open the sync’s main interface.

One of the components of the Outlook Sync is the task sync which will allow for your OfficeTools WorkSpace To-Do’s, Calls, and Assignments to be brought into Outlook as Tasks. Now before you get too deep into this guide please note that this part of the sync is uncommonly used due to the nature of the data push. You don’t want to be trying to manage your WorkSpace tasks in Outlook. This part of the sync should be exclusively used for people who spend abundant amounts of the time out of the office and away from their desks.

If you belong to the small group who need this, you can access the options for tasks by hitting the corresponding “Options” button to the right of the Tasks label. The first option is the Outlook folder that your tasks currently exist in. In a lot of cases it is recommended that you create a new folder for the OfficeTools WorkSpace to-do’s, calls, and assignments are pushed into. You can link to your existing task folder there just may be duplication or a loss of detail as all tasks are imported to WorkSpace as to-do’s.

Next you will see an option to control which project assignments from WorkSpace you want to push to Outlook. In most cases if you are syncing this information, you will be syncing all assignments and you will want to leave that field blank to make sure every assignment comes into Outlook as a task.

Next is a date option that allows you to choose the starting date for your sync. Go as far back here as your most outstanding task or you will be manually keying in the missing tasks. The following checkboxes control what types of WorkSpace tasks you want to import. Again, in most cases, if you are going to be running this part of the sync you want to leave all of them checked.

Lastly is the control of what you want to allow Outlook to push to WorkSpace. In almost ALL cases, “Delete” is left unchecked as you do not want Outlook going into WorkSpace and deleting tasks. However, “add” and “edit” can be checked so that additions and changes made in Outlook, are pushed into WorkSpace.

After all of the desired information has been populated here, click “OK” and change the switch next to the Tasks label from “Off” to “On” by simply clicking on it.