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After installing the Outlook Sync, if you receive an error message stating,”Could not open a trusted connection to Outlook” take the following action:

**This fix requires a working knowledge of Command Prompt, you may want to engage the assistance of your IT.

1) Download the following ZIP file:

2) Open command prompt in administrative mode.

3) Enter the following commands:

A) cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\Office Tools\Outlook Sync”

–If your computer is 32bit remove “(x86)” from the file path

B) regsvr32 /u OutlookConnect.dll

–If there’s an error after enter command B, ignore it.

4) Open “” and extract its contents. Copy the two .dll files from the appropriate folder (x86 or x64) and paste them into the Outlook Sync program directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Office Tools\Outlook Sync) and replace the existing two files.

5) Enter the following in command prompt:

regsvr32 OutlookConnect.dll

6) Restart Outlook.

7) Run the registration file “OutlookConnect.reg” found in the extracted zip file.

If you continue to receive the error message stating the snyc cannot open a secure connection, please call tech support for assistance.