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The Schedule button in My Company Information & Settings controls everything that has to with the calendar in OfficeTools WorkSpace.


  1. Default Values allows you to choose the default duration for your appointments and what Event Type will be applied by default. Both of these options can be changed when you are creating an appointment, but OfficeTools WorkSpace needs a starting point.
  2. The Reminders section controls the alerts that will be generated for the staff the appointment is applied to. Both a Popup Reminder and Activity List alerts can be adjusted using the corresponding options. Popups will be populated in AIMI and resemble the popups you may see in programs like Outlook. The Activity List alert will display a certain number of days prior to the appointment and will stay there until the appointment is completed.
  3. Reoccur Options allow you to set appointments to reoccur by default. While typically not used, you can select which event types you want to include to reoccur on the selected interval. You can also push that change out to any existing appointments.
  4. Monthly Calendar option allows you to change which piece of information you see while viewing the monthly calendar. Instead of the client’s name you can view the subject of the appointment.
  5. Confirmation Calls can be populated on a specific staff member’s list a specific number of days prior to appointments so a call can be made to contact who the appointment is with.
    1. Create Confirmation Calls for will allow you to choose the event types that you want a confirmation call to be created for. All appointments have to have an event type so make sure to select all of the types you would like a confirmation call to be created for.
    2. Choose the amount of time prior to the appointment that you would like the call to show up for. You have the choice of minutes, hours, or days.
    3. Choose the staff in the office who will make the confirmation call. This will be universal for all confirmation calls.
  6. If you would like to print physical confirmation letters make sure to mark the box that marks your new appointments as available for printing a confirmation letter.
  7. The option “Allow staff to enter Personal Appointments” will allow staff to mark the box in the Add Appointment window that reads “Personal Appointment”. Keep in mind that personal appointments are not protected in any way from other staff. All details will continue to be visible to all staff. Personal Appointment is just a label.
  8. Prompt to Post Project Status
  9. Auto Reminders button controls access to the ability to create automatic reminders that happen in the background and help keep your office connected to your clients.
    1. Configure Events is where you will choose the event type you would like to set automatic reminders for. You can choose any event type to work on and each type can have its own set of options.
      1. If you set up the auto reminders for one event type and decide that is how you would like to set up other types, you can copy those settings to those types by clicking on the copy to button and moving the desired types to the right.
      2. The gears button allows access to your event types screen. If you need to add, edit or delete any event types, those changes can be using the gears button.
    2. Email Reminder #1, #2, and #3 Settings can be controlled individually and allow you to set how far in advance of the appointment each alert will be generated. Please note that this is an email reminder for the client.
    3. Text Reminder Settings refer to SMS messages that will be sent to the client. If enabled you can select ho far in advance you’d like your alert to go out. There are 3 options for the text reminder.
      1. The first is a pre-canned description with basic information including, date, time, and your company name.
      2. The second has a lot more details and includes a phone number that you’ve plugged in for your company.
      3. The third option can be customized by you using available merge fields.
  10. Whichever option you choose you will be able to preview how many characters that are used and how it will look when sent to the client.