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WorkSpace™ enables seamless workflow to painlessly share contact information between other programs easily and automatically – a necessity for today’s digital firm.

Track return status, auto-sync all client information, link programs, auto-import Lacerte invoices and PDF tax returns.

Easily import almost any client data into Practice Management WorkSpace™ from any other tax program in Excel format.

Link programs and auto-Sync client info, invoices and tax returns. Create time cards and centralize digital documents.

Auto-Sync your Outlook calendars, contacts and tasks seamlessly between WorkSpace™ and mobile devices.

Seamlessly Auto-Sync Quickbooks contacts.
Export time cards, invoices, credit memos and payments for payroll and invoicing.

Take credit card payments and ACH transactions right from within your practice management software.

Help automate and streamline organizations’ lean document processes.

Capture files via scanning and printing into FileCenter and how to make editing changes to PDF files.

Allows companies to utilize a fully hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and offer businesses the latest phone and Internet technologies.

Additional Integrations

WorkSpace™ software has several Built-In integration’s that come standard to help you. Printing from Dymo Label printers is quick and easy. Select a contact and with one click you’ll have an individual label in your hands. Need directions and a map to a client’s office or home? It’s simple with Google, Yahoo or MapQuest integration. Simply import a clients photo from Facebook or Twitter.

WorkSpace™ integrates with the Microsoft Office programs Word, Excel and Outlook. Reports can be exported directly to Word,Excel and all common formats. Our new Microsoft Office Add-On tool bar saves Microsoft Office files directly into WorkSpace™. You can also create time cards for payroll or billing inside of Microsoft Office. Try our Adobe Add-in too. Print or save any file in PDF format.

Integration Add-Ons

Tax & Financial Program Integrations

To set WorkSpace™ up, simply import Contact information from Any Tax Software using our Excel Importer. Repeat as often as you like to maintain changes to tax clients information.

Use our Intuit Lacerte or Canadian ProFile Tax Program Syncs, to keep contacts data up to date. Any changes to a contacts’ information can be sent from WorkSpace™ to these programs as well.

Laser App, a widely accepted forms tool for Financial Planners providing over 10,000 fund forms in fillable PDF format. Simply maintain your contact and financial data in WorkSpace™ and the press the Laser App button to populate all forms with the selected clients information.

With our Intuit ProFile integration you can auto-update all contact information into ProFile whenever you are adding or updating any of your contacts in WorkSpace™. You can also push PDF documents and invoices from ProFile into WorkSpace’s document manager to keep your all of your digital files located in one central location.

Quickbooks Sync

The sharing of critical data like customers, employees, vendors and item codes, enables users to save time and resources by reducing the chance of data entry errors and eliminating duplicate entries between these programs. The export time cards option allows you to create payroll for your staff and bill your clients. Utilize all of our workflow benefits including billing and tracking A/R in WorkSpace™, taking advantage of incredible reporting and metrics, and then export invoices and payments to Quickbooks.

WorkSpace™ integrates with all desktop versions of Intuit’s QuickBooks® products, up to 2018 and 2017, and going back to 2007  — including QuickBooks: Pro, Premier, Premier Accountant and Enterprise Editions.

Integration with QuickBooks Online is coming soon.

Microsoft Excel Importer, Microsoft® Outlook™ and Mobile Devices

Integrate Microsoft Outlook calendars, contacts and tasks from WorkSpace™ schedules, contacts and tasks. Sync all information in real-time. Automatically imports Outlook email for review, reading and storing in the document management system. Outlook sync is done easily and securely. This feature works with Outlook and Exchange. This is a great way to get information auto sync’d to any mobile device. WorkSpace™ integrates with your local Microsoft Outlook 2007 – 2016, whether you are using Outlook as a standalone, on exchange or with Office 365.

Our Microsoft Excel Importer enables you to import almost any client data into Practice Management WorkSpace™ from any other program in Excel format. Many programs allow you to export client information, now you can ensure that you can keep your software up-to-date.

Client Web Portal

WorkSpace™ provides Client Portal and Client Portal Lite. Client Portal Lite offers simple confidential file transfer to and from your client, vendors or staff. Client Portal full, including document transfer, email campaigns, project status, messaging and invoice payments. You can transfer documents to and from your clients securely, reliably, and quickly. No longer do you need to email “Confidential Information” through the internet. Using SSL encryption and one of the most recognized companies in the industry to store and transfer your data, Rackspace Cloud.

Your client receives an email with a link and easy to understand instructions. They can also send you documents and you will be notified by email. Their documents will then appear in your Document Manager ready for you and your staff. Your client doesn’t need any extra software to use the Client Portal, only an internet browser. No client management is necessary, WorkSpace™ Portal uses available client information in WorkSpace™ to send documents.

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