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“Watch as customers share their experiences using WorkSpace™. Listen how this series of case studies reveals different ways each user has solved problems that have plagued firms for years. Hear from each unique firm regarding the new policies they instituted, steps to implementing WorkSpace™ and how they incorporated best practices along the way.”

Nicole Fluty, Product Manager, OfficeTools

Sharing Their Success

Barry Picker, CPA

Picker, & Auerbach, CPAs, P.C.
Brooklyn, NY
10 Staff

When I purchased OfficeTools WorkSpace More than 10 years ago, I wanted to get rid of Phone slips. Your software not only handled phone slips, but also projects, scheduling… I said “I need this!”

Now it even syncs to my Outlook and to my Phone. I put an entry in my iPhone and my secretary instantly knows that the time has been blocked out, and vice versa. We also use the Document Management System, we scan and shred everything, and now everything is very easy to find – No more jumping out of my chair to look through the file cabinet.

  • 9 Program’s replaced by a single application
  • Enabled mobile scheduling
  • Dramatically increased productivity
  • Allowed proper call tracking and office communication

Leann Risenhoover, CPA

Leann Risenhoover, CPA PLC
Glendale, AZ
5 Staff

I switched to OfficeTools so that wouldn’t stop losing time that I wasn’t tracking or billing for. After implementing Practice Management WorkSpace, we started using Project Management, Document management, and we’re now able to reallocate work from employees that have too much work.

  • 3 program’s replaced by a single application
  • Now able to bill for previously lost time
  • Recommends in-house training for expedited firm-wide implementation
  • Would recommend this program for other firms

Matt Holdsworth, CPA

Holdsworth & Company, PC
Prescott, AZ
12 Staff

We’ve been with OfficeTools for seven years and never looked back. Our firm was growing and tracking returns was a logistical nightmare for staff and embarrassing to tell clients that we needed to call them back because we didn’t know what the status was of their return.

We had substantial write-offs of staff time and when we switched to WorkSpace they were completely eliminated.

  • 8 Program’s replaced by a single application
  • Found true integration between industry applications
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Actually saw where staff time was being spent

Marena Loeffler, CPA

Allure Accounting
Bonita Springs, FL
6 Staff

We had several different programs for contact management, due dates, tracking, and we were looking for a solution that would do all of it in one, and WorkSpace looked like it would do that. The biggest impact for us was the ability to tack the entire Projects and Workflow process.

  • 5 program’s replaced by a single application
  • Billing is so much easier
  • Everything is now in one place
  • Once you learn the basics, the rest is easy

Todd Giles, CPA

Giles and Associates, CPAs
Glendora, CA
9 Staff

I left my old firm and joined my Dads firm.  We went from completely papered systems to full automation. My Dad didn’t want to use the new system at first, but now he has been able to learn and adapt to all the changes. For nearly 4 years now we have been with OfficeTools and it does more than I ever imagined. Our manual systems were out of control and very difficult for us, now we have everything automated.

Even the resisters-to-change have now adopted the new systems and processes.  We couldn’t imagine not having WorkSpace for our firm.

  • Many Program’s replaced
  • Easy to track and easy to use
  • Got rid of all manual systems
  • Call tracking has been incredible

Linda Alvarez, CPA

The Alt Key
Tempe, Arizona
10 Staff

We couldn’t get other applications to integrate like we wanted to, QuickBooks, time management, billing, and a contact database. We wanted something that would integrate everything together, that’s when we found OfficeTools WorkSpace.

  • Main program’s replaced were Lacerte DMS, ACT, and MS Outlook
  • Less stress with clients and doing client work
  • Seamless integration with other programs
  • Better client relations

Lisa Johnston, CPA

Cave Creek, AZ
11 Staff

I left a very large firm and decided to start my own practice.  We started out small and I tried many programs and then as we grew things got out of control.  When we found OfficeTools we wanted an-all-in one solution, and now we use the tracking, billing, documents and many other features.  Even after a few years, I went to the conference and found more things I could implement.  I sync my information to my phone, and I use my iPad to get to everything I need remotely. WorkSpace helps me know if any projects are falling behind and I can track all my teams workload.  All of this helps me sleep at night. 

  • Replaced ACT, Outlook Tasks and others.
  • centralized all firm tracking
  • Allows us to work remotely
  • Integrated Document management

Wil Dykstra, CGA, Principal

Gary G. Timmons CA
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
6 Staff

The most significant benefit, however, is that it provides the tools to better manage the work being done by the firm. The focus for the “firm of the future” has to be on providing value to the client. OfficeTools WorkSpace helps us to ensure that projects are completed on time, and it allows special “value” projects to be added & tracked.

  • 4 Program’s replaced by a single application
  • Single point of origin for all client information
  • Keep’s the firm on track with projects
  • Tracked the efficiencies

Lelani Elias, CPA

Wild, Maney and Resnick, LLP
Woodbury, NY
17 Staff

Now on OfficeTools for several years, I really love the program, it is a fabulous program. Once you get the implementation done it’s a great system.  If the top people can use anyone can learn this even the resisters.  We replaced 4 systems and while implementation took some effort it was well worth it!

We are looking forward to learning more about the portal and implement that soon.

  • ACT for contacts was replaced
  • QuickBooks for invoicing was replaced
  • No more error prone Excel tracking
  • Converted our entire DMS from Lacerte

Jerry Love, CPA

Jerry Love CPA, LLC
Abilene, Texas
10 Staff

“We’ve been with OfficeTools for over 5 years, the software really helped us change our workflow. We came from a big firm in Abilene and the software they used was too big and many other options were either too small or too big for us.

We couldn’t find a good software package that would fit us well. When we were looking at OfficeTools our workflow was really segmented making it difficult to manage and unable to track.”

  • 13 program’s & spread sheets replaced
  • Resolved segmented workflow
  • Practice Management software is simple yet has incredible depth
  • Provided everything we needed and more!

Cyndi Bennett, EA

Bennett Accounting
Prescott, AZ
5 Staff

Once OfficeTools WorkSpace was up and running, everybody immediately saw the value. Everything could be done one time, it went where it needed to go, and we were very happy.It’s the best time billing software, and there is so much packed in it. We’ve been using it since 2009, and I still haven’t used every single aspect that’s in it because there’s so much.

  • 3 program’s replaced by a single application
  • Billing is easier
  • Everything is now in one place
  • Once you learn the basics, the rest is easy

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