What’s new in OfficeTools WorkSpace version 3.2.147

APX PayNow

Abacus Payment Exchange (APX) lets you process a payment on the Payments tab and then automatically send the client a receipt. Payment methods, including credit cards and ACH information, can be saved to make the payment process even more efficient and simple.

APX now includes Pay Now. With Pay Now, you can include a payment link with the invoice you send to a client. The client can quickly pay the invoice by clicking that link. When the payment appears in OfficeTools, it is auto-applied to the invoice to complete and automate the billing workflow. It’s been proven that clients pay more quickly when they have access to mobile tools. Pay Now provides that access to allow clients to pay their invoices while they are on the go.

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PayNow Example

Single Sign-On

Sign-On helps users of large firms log into OfficeTools faster and with more security. If a user is on a Microsoft Active Directory network and Single Sign-On is implemented, OfficeTools will automatically use the Active Directory information to log the user into OfficeTools when he or she launches the application.

This reduces complexity for large firms with multiple users and multiple passwords, in addition to saving time. Single Sign-On also increases security when dual-factor authentication is set up on Active Directory. An OfficeTools user still needs to configure a password in OfficeTools when using the Mobile App as the Single Sign-On does not replace this.

Note: OfficeTools never stores Active Directory passwords or password changes.

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Single Sign-On Window

Microsoft Exchange Integration

Microsoft Exchange Link is a new synchronization tool that removes the manual and redundant process of managing contact and calendar information between OfficeTools and Exchange. Now, with Microsoft Exchange Link, when users add or update contact information such as addresses and phone numbers in OfficeTools or Exchange, the same changes appear in both applications automatically. Likewise, when users change an appointment in one calendar, that change appears in both calendars, essentially creating only one calendar to maintain.

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Exchange Set Up

Additional Improvements to Explore

Batch Edit Documents: Users can now make changes to documents all at once. Move multiple documents to a different client or tag multiple documents with a category or project or even download a group of documents from the portal and categorize them en masse. It’s as simple as highlighting the documents on the Documents tab, right-clicking outside the selection, and clicking Change.

Sort columns on Missing Info table: Users can now click any of the headers on the Missing Info table on the Projects tab to sort the columns. One click sorts in ascending order (A to Z); a second click sorts in descending order (Z to A).

Billing Manager filter added: Users can now filter on Billing Manager for all project reports and the billing statement report. This allows greater flexibility for firms with multiple partners when reporting on projects.

Important Information about the Update

The latest update uses a new product to facilitate the install of OfficeTools WorkSpace. Upon installation  your pinned icon on the task bar may no longer appear or appear as a white box. You will need to re-pin the program to your task bar.

Please Note: This update contains changes to the Server Components that will require all workstations to be updated to this version of WorkSpace or certain features will not work properly.

If you are updating from a 2018 or 2017 version please visit our “Things to Know before you update” page before you install the update as you may need the assistance of the OfficeTools Support team.