Our latest release is here! 

Please Note: this update contains changes to the Server Components that will require all workstations to be updated to this version of WorkSpace or certain features will not work properly.

Feature UpVote! We encourage you to share your suggestions or improvements you would like to see in OfficeTools. We have added a suggestions menu item that will point you to our Feature UpVote page where you can post your ideas and vote on your favorite suggestions.



Users that are on OfficeTools WorkSpace 2017.019 or older, may need Microsoft updates for the .Net framework please see instructions here:

Please Note: If you are experiencing a crash in the deposit screen please restart your computer.


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New Features

  • Integration of Feature Upvote
  • Cannon Scan Tool
  • APX
  • Designed the login screen to show users tools that are available to them.
  • Added a tool to broadcast a message via the login screen.



  • APX integration
  • Canon Integration
  • Increase report timeout
  • APX – Receipts Reports
  • Added a Portal – Payment Disclaimer
  • Improved a balance option that affects how Previous Balance and Current Payments amounts show on invoices.
  • Reduced DemandForce Log file.
  • Improved security for portal


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Progress Alert
  • Fixed an issue with the Reindex of documents that were downloaded from the Portal
  • Fixed an issue with the Deposit History in Full Detail report
  • Fixed an issue with Reoccurring Invoices
  • Fixed an issue with Document Folders adding characters to the end of the document name.
  • Fixed a Default work code issue for Multi Office
  • Fixed a Esignature issue for mobile devices in landscape view.
  • Fixed a missed call icon issue with Crexendo for Windows 7
  • Fixed an error when syncing with Demand force
  • Fixed a Esignature error
  • Fixed an issue with Esignatures PIN
  • Fixed an issue with viewing signed completed Esignatures







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