Our latest release is here!

This update contains a variety of bug fixes, improvements, and new features, including a few corrections that involved eSignatures.


This update contains database changes that will require all users to be updated to this version of WorkSpace or certain features will not work properly if you are coming from a version older than 2016.170


Portal Users: In order to use the updated portal features, you will need to update the server components with the installer provided below. These components will require .NET Framework 4.5.2 to be installed on the server and is included in the server installer at the bottom of the page.

eSignatures: If you plan on using our new eSignatures functionality, you are also required to install an updated version of the server components provided below. Currently, you must be a subscriber to the portal in order to use eSignatures.

DemandForce Users: This update is compatible with DemandForce, but will still need to have the latest DemandForce Server installer to work properly.

QuickBooks Users: If you are having problems with the Quickbooks Sync connecting, you may do the following in order to resolve it.

You can manually remove the application access from Quickbooks by logging into Quickbooks as an Admin under single-user mode and going to Edit -> Preferences -> Intergrations and Applications. From there you will navigate to the My Company tab and remove the Office Tools Professional certificate. Upon doing so, when Office Tools WorkSpace re-connects to Quickbooks, you will be prompted to accept the Office Tools Professional certificate.

QuickBooks Cert        Quickbooks Prompt

Update Version 2017.006 contains the following: