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Our records indicate your firm is not using our newest version of Office Tools Workspace™. Your renewal date has come and passed, and you have chosen not to renew your license. As a company that values customer feedback, we would like to know what we could have done differently to retain your business and improve our relationship.

With our newest 2016 version we have introduced hundreds of new features. We have added new integrations with other industry applications and made substantial speed improvements. Also, we have added tech support staff and phone lines to improve our free tech support services.

For the fifth straight year, we have won awards from the CPA Practice Advisor, K2 Enterprises, and accolades from 2020 Group USA, Founder, Chris Frederiksen. Please consider our software again and enjoy what over 15,000 users have found. A firm-transforming application. Review our Client Testimonials and Case Studies to discover how actual clients are experiencing our software

To rebuild our business relationship, we would like to offer you use of our program through April 15th, 2016 at no charge. We will also provide two (2) hours of online training at no charge to successfully set-up and implement Office Tools Workspace™. All of this as a gesture to show you how much we value you as a client.

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