Release Letter

December 14, 2010

We are proud to announce the release of the newest version Office Tools Professional software called Practice Management 2011. We are excited about providing a product which mirrors previous version using brand new technology. This version has a new graphically enhanced interface using many state of the art technologies which allows us to provide many new products and features for our users. With this release we also plan to provide some new products including a new “Client Portal” and “Merchant Services” in early January.

Again, we want to thank the thousands of “Beta” and “Open Beta” users that assisted in giving us feedback. This first release of our new software will provide a version that is able to run on both Vista and Windows 7 computers in their native modes. Those who have been running in Virtual PC or XP Compatibility mode can choose to update at any time. As this is the first release we will continue to provide updates and patches. We anticipate another full release in early May 2011 which will compliment this release introducing many new products, features and enhancements.

This release is optional for any and all users. As this is the first release of our new technology, those having older XP computers may wish to upgrade their systems or wait to use this new version. See our technical specs for more detailed information.

You should anticipate as little as 5-15 minutes per workstation for installation. Please make backups of your database before updating. You may download the new version at . . . . . After installation any database updating should be automated once accessing your database. Once moving to the new version you will not be able to use previous versions or rollback to another version. . during installation. As always tech support is Free. There will be NO CHARGE for the new software to our licensed users.

Our Basic Staff DVD is now available. We anticipate the Advanced Setup to be available by the end of December and the Advanced Billing by February. Existing User Guides are still free of charge on the web site. Although these guides are for previous versions of Office Tools Professional they can serve as a guide to our core screens, setups and user instruction. New guides will be fully available in early May.

We highly recommend that those wishing to upgrade to this version purchase training. To thank our long term faithful existing customers we are offering a 50% discount on training DVDs or web based training services and a 20% discount for On-site training for all customers who purchase DVDs/ training by December 31. Existing customers are those who purchase our software prior to May 1, 2010. These discounts are for new training and DVD purchase only.

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