Announcing The New Seamless Integrations

June 24, 2013

June 24th2013 – Palmdale, CA – Office Tools Professional, the provider of Practice Management Software Solutions, Practice Management conferences and publisher of “My Office Today” magazine, has just announced at the 2013 Technology and Practice Conference the new Seamless Integration capabilities of Practice Management 2013.

Office Tools Professional has always offered new and exciting integrations with third party applications and with the new Seamless Integration approach, managing information between applications has never been easier. Select integrations will now automatically update information from within the Practice Management Software, providing you with a “behind the scenes” connection with your third party applications without the need to download external plug-ins or outside program workarounds; a turn-key process to manage your client data across all of the applications you choose to use.The source data affected will be information from CRM software, workflow software, time billing software and tax software including related documents.

“Choice is what we are all about! When it comes to professionals they should be able to choose what applications they want to use”, says Mike Giardina, CEO and Founder of Office Tools Professional. “It’s their firm. They shouldn’t be forced into a commitment with a single vendor to enjoy a unified experience. With the new Seamless Integrations, our customers enjoy the experience of in-application harmony they’ve come to expect from Office Tools Professional.”

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