All Office Functions Under One Common System

March 5, 2007

Featured in Accounting Today

Office Tools Pro does a good job of putting all of the relevant data entry and lookup information onto one screen. From within the central data entry forms, you have access to your client data, time sheet, calendar, work in process, and the to-do list, as well as notes.

Contact information can be established in one central location with subsequent notes added to a common screen with appropriate date and staff signatures automatically appended to each note. Phone messages or notes can be attached directly to a client contact. When phone messages are taken, the information within the note can be transferred directly to the billing module to make sure the maximum amount of billable time is captured for even the smallest tasks.

Scheduling is performed on a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar that is laid out graphically. When you have the proper permissions, you can view any staff member’s schedule. One great feature included in the scheduling is automatic creation of reminder cards for upcoming appointments. You can even generate confirmation cards and email reminders for the client to send back acknowledging that the time is correct. The records management aspect of Office Tools Pro is clearly geared toward the firm that has not yet embraced the paperless office. The management of records through this module is primarily aimed at generating labels for and managing paper files. There is included functionality for indexing and subsequent recalling of any digitally scanned client files. Office Tools Pro is nicely laid out with a common interface and a minimum of different screens to navigate. It is especially suited toward any Accounting firm looking to bring all the different practice management functions under one common system. The records & document management features, in addition to embracing scanning, may just be a perfect match for firms looking for a system to track the boxes and boxes of paper files which often appear out of nowhere and threaten to take over whole office complete.

Return on Investment

Since Office Tools Pro offers many built in features the initial costs are minimal compared to other office systems. This makes the return on investment immediate. However, the real return on investment is the increased efficiency of management and delegation that can be attained by making Office Tools Pro an integral part of your business. Ultimately, efficient management and delegation fundamentally determines the firm’s success, profitability, and quality of service. Office Tools Pro with all features starts at $500 for the first user and $150 for each additional user.

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