Version 3.6.0 contains the following:


  • Better memory management for longer running sync actions.
  • Fixed common errors when retrieving the ‘StartUTC’ date of an appointment with certain versions of Outlook/Exchange.
  • Fixed mail import when email subjects contained invalid file name characters when the email would be converted to a file.
  • Fixed certain problems when syncing All Day appointments
  • Certain exchange servers do not support setting the Due Date of Task Items which would throw an error, if this occurs, the Task item will keep it original due date instead of throwing an error.
  • Fixed an error that when Exchange server would not allow enough connections, a connection pool would get cleared, this would sometimes cause various errors when a sync was being run.
  • Fixed error that would occur when syncing a contact with a State or Province


  • Made the options windows re-sizable so that it is easier to see what outlook folders are selected.
  • Added ‘Advanced Progress Bar’ functionality so that longer running tasks do not seem like they are stuck or not moving, this is more apparent in larger Outlook folders, or during the very first sync, which is known to take long.
  • Added the ability to change the interval (in minutes) at which the syncs are run.
  • Added a message in the log window that displays when the next sync will run.
  • Added a menu item under Settings labeled Advanced which contains the options to change sync intervals and disable the advanced progress bars.

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