Project Tracking for Accountants

Practice Management

Project tracking really means due date and status tracking. A project is any particular service that your firm offers inclusive of multiple steps and potentially multiple staff members who will work on it. For example individual or corporate tax returns, payroll, as well as bookkeeping or audits. Not to be confused with a “To-Do” which is a single step/single staff member task, (i.e. order lunch for today’s meeting).

Questions that need to be addressed when looking at tracking projects are, “What are my budgeted hours and dollars? How long did it take last period?, How much did it cost? When did we receive the work? And, when did we promise it?” Let’s get started answering these extremely important questions.

When we developed Practice Management software it was our goal to create the single screen interface, which allows you to view budgets, received and promise dates, any missing information as well as the current status of who is working on it and what step they are working on without even clicking your mouse. Making the software intuitive as possible gives you the ability to track at a glance your budgeted hours and dollars vs. actuals as well as a view of your last period’s performance for the projects that reoccur.

When you access the toolbar for the Project you have the ability to view the “Work List”, that is associated to the project, showing you who has completed what and when they completed it. The ability to view all documents related to the project is simple with one click. Once the project is complete, you can click “Invoice Now” and bill out all time cards associated to the project. Finally with the ease of assigning projects globally for all clients based on entity type you can implement these tools in an organized, manageable, time effective way.

To prosper in the ever changing market place accountants need to find ways to implement and succeed at new workflow management methods. Integrating a single tool to run your firm’s workflow is just that. Many owners use multiple software applications to complete the workflow task in their firm, in turn elongating the process and compromising the results. Our software brings all areas together; time and billing, paperless document management, company-wide scheduling, call tracking and customer relationship management (CRM).

That is why we considerPractice Management softwaretheaccountants workflow solution!