In The Beginning

Business, Technology, Development

By Jerry Love, CPA

In the Beginning

We opened Jerry Love CPA on Valentine’s Day of 2011. We had a book of clients come with us from the larger firm and we purchased a local CPA’s practice who wanted to retire.
I discovered OTP in the Fall of 2011 as I was doing research for a presentation that I would be making in May of 2012. It impressed me but with tax season coming up I did not want to embark on a change at that point in time.

We had identified several things that we wanted better control over.

  1. Our workflow including keeping up with where the files are
  2. Due date monitoring and project management
  3. Improved and centralized data base of client information
  4. Improved electronic file management

Probably our number one problem was that most of this information was accessible but in different programs with no integration. Our second problem was that key processes such as work flow was basically manually maintained via Excel spreadsheets.

Many of you have been there before and you know the frustrations of trying to keep all the data updated in multiple programs. It is nearly impossible to do especially during tax season when much of the information may become known to you that should be updated.

We concluded we had hours of wasted time when we are looking for a file. We had files fall off the radar when they got to someone’s office but other projects seemed to be a greater urgency.
With OTP, we saw a solution to multiple issues and made the decision to make the change.