Office Tools Professional releases its new brand “Practice Management” software for 2011

October 20, 2010

Office Tools Professional releases the next generation of Practice Management software. This new versions includes a completely redesigned interface with many changes making the software more intuitive than before. By doing this we hope new users will need less training to quickly setup and configure the program. Our redesign has allowed us to increase speed up to 50%, and users will see greater productivity throughout the program. The new activity list, which improves workflow, serves as a staff inbox where we added powerful filters and search capabilities. This brings new power to managers and staff alike, especially when work requires more than one staff to complete. The all new “Heads-up” client display lets you know important details without leaving the applications work area. It will be easy to get basic information about clients as well as any alerts to problem areas while using any part of the software. This is done without clutter while combining the concepts of a viewable dashboard and work space. The intuitive redesign of the time & billing system has added simpler processing and larger screens for working with bigger data sets. Many screens have gone under a streamlined approach meaning fewer clicks to get the same results. We have added new document features such as drag n drop, direct scan and simpler client web portal processing. Reporting has now been moved to Crystal reports bringing the possibility of greater report customization to the end users.
“With our new version, firms will be given many new and exciting features. Features we have wanted to implement for some time. This version is now completely Windows 7 compliant, cloud ready and turning offices green. In addition, we can provide state of the art integrations, web versions. While the software will take on new features, the sleek interface and the benefits users have come accustom to will remain much the same,” said Michael Giardina, President of Office Tools Professional.
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