2011 Redesigned Office Tools Professional Offers New Interface and Features

September 2, 2010

Office Tools Professional has been a popular choice for Tax Professionals’ for many years, including accounting practices and legal professionals. The system includes integration with; QuickBooks for AR, invoicing functions and syncing with Microsoft Outlook for full contact management capabilities. This program was completely redesigned for 2011 using the .NET platform, giving it much greater customization options, enhancing a more intuitive user interface and streamlining workflow processes. Office Tools Professional 2011 was not available for full evaluation at the time we were reviewing practice management systems, but will be by mid-summer. We were, however, able to preview some of the new features.
Key among enhancements developed for 2011 is a newly designed interface that starts with a single-screen live “active workspace.” This is similar to a dashboard, but provides full functionality direct from the panels, as opposed to many dashboards that simply provide summaries and then link to the module with which it is associated. By providing a single-screen interface, 
This interface is comprised of four sections: the contact list, company header and sections, the main work area, and the staff activity list.
Office Tools Professional can be used to manage an infinite number of business entities and any number of staff. These features include contact management, scheduling, time, expense tracking, billing, and invoicing. Time entry features include multiple methods, including timers and multi-staff spreadsheet entries with approvals-based workflow processes. In addition to these many features, basic project management functions are also available. Staff management capabilities give managers the ability to oversee assignment completion and productivity. Office Tools Professional also includes HR and payroll time tracking functions, This Practice Management Software also includes accruals, which can be output to third-party payroll systems.
Other tools includes: notes, to-do lists, records management, paperless document management and a call tracking system that can automatically create time sheets. Time entries can also be made by using information in Outlook’s calendar function. The program offers optional client portals for document sharing and collaboration. Office Tools Professional provides more than 80 customizable standardized reports, including client lists, AR, expenses, WIPs, budgets, schedules, and time and billing summaries by client, staff or project. Reports can be output to PDF, Excel and Word.
Office Tools Professional 2011 uses the latest technology to streamline practice management, pulling all activities together into an easy-to-use system that offers intuitive design and great workflow for smaller practices. Pricing starts at $500 for a single-user system; $1,500 for five users. On-Site Training is also available for all those subscribed to this Program!
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