Time Tracking

Practice Management, Business

With last week’s introduction to the Activity List, I am sure some important questions arose. What are we doing? Is it billable? Did that client actually pull that much of our attention? These questions need an answer. The answer is, “Time Tracking”.
Office Tools Professionals, Practice Management software’s time tracking abilities will equip you with client by client billable vs. non-billable time and how your staff is utilizing their time. I know what you’re saying, “We flat bill everything”. Great!!! You still need to know if the time you estimate to invest in each of your client’s work is more than your actual time. If not you are losing money (The sound of crickets)! No one got into this business to lose money.
By tracking time you know what clients are making your business grow, and what clients may need to move on to the firm down the road. You know which staff is making your business succeed and which staff you need to develop. Three main ways to track time would be, Timers, manually enter time by client, work code, and associated project, and by the completion of activities prompts you track time and associate it with a project, work code, client and staff. You always know how time is truly being used and whether it is billable or not billable.
Time Tracking does not take more time but in-turn creates more billable time. In speaking with all of you from day to day I am confident in saying that none of you are looking for less billable time. Office Tools Professionals Practice Management software: Your tour guide to more profits.