Practice Management 2011


As we draw close to the release of our new 2011 version of Practice Management, I’d like to take some time to talk about some of the big changes that will be taking place in the program. Many of these improvements were born out of the requests of our clients, many of them are a result of our own innovation. We are confident that Practice Management 2011 stays true to and refines the core mechanics and concepts that make our program intuitive and easy to use. So let’s go over just a few of the things you can expect to see that will be different in the new program.
We have tried to rethink our approach to accessibility of information. While our classic single screen interface hasn’t changed drastically, things have been moved around to allow us to make the best use of the screen. For example, the contact information has been moved from the bar at the top to a display box below the contact list, the contact list can also be replaced with a detail view that shows additional contact information such as alternate contacts and workflow and billing alerts.
This allows some core information to stay displayed no matter which tab you navigate to. We have also added a summary view for To Do’s, Calls, Appointments, and projects. This summary view allows you to view all items for a client in a clear list, double clicking on any one item takes you to the details of that event. The activity list has also been completely redesigned adding new sort and filter options, as well as the ability to view items for all staff at the same time. You can also adjust budget items and priorities directly from within the activity list. These improvements as well as others aim to increase the visibility of important information, while simplifying the way our users navigate through the program.
Practice Management 2011 is also taking huge steps towards increasing the flexibility and control of billing and workflow management. The billing module has been streamlined to allow managers to select and modify multiple time cards at all at once, and now adjustments are clearly displayed in color. The invoicing in Practice Management is the perfect balance between user control and automation, where invoice detail can be automatically generated and adjusted as needed on the fly. Project management has a variety of new features as well, from a completely redesigned budget system allowing managers to set specific goals for the work that needs to be completed. Projects also now have a place to track missing items, and can automatically generate an email to the client letting them know what is missing. These are just a few of the improvements that are already available in Practice Management 2011, and we are excited to see how having these new tools at your disposal will improve the way you run your business.
There are countless other improvements from an improved set of document management utilities, a redesigned web portal, reports generated in Crystal Reports, improved synchronizations, and more. From the little things that make life easier, to the big features that change the way I look at management, Practice Management 2011 has already started to push me towards being more productive, more organized, and less stressed out. I have been lucky enough to follow this new update through its process of development, and I am so excited for others to finally be able to have access to some of these new features. For more information about some these exciting new features head on over to our product page and click on the “what’s new” section.