How to Make the Most of the OfficeTools Mobile App

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OfficeTools, a favorite practice management software among accountants, has released a mobile companion application that’s compatible with Apple and Android devices. Accessible anywhere you use your mobile device, the app puts the power of OfficeTools in your hands.

Advantages of the OfficeTools App

Here are some advantages of using the OfficeTools mobile app:

  • You’ll never miss a billable moment. Do you make client calls on the road or from home? Add and log time from anywhere with the OfficeTools app.
  • Your contacts will be at your fingertips. The OfficeTools app lets you create and edit business-critical contact information. You can also use it to launch emails, texts and calls directly from your mobile device.
  • You’ll always know what’s going on. View your activity, add notes, make calls and cross off to-do’s from your mobile device. The OfficeTools app allows you to mark tasks as complete and create timecards. The app’s list of upcoming activities (sorted by date) makes it easy to find out what’s pressing, no matter where you are.
  • You’ll be in control of your schedule. The OfficeTools app provides three different views of your appointments, letting you use the ones that work for you. Appointment details include attendees and notes associated with the appointment.
  • You’ll be up to date on everything. The mobile app syncs with your OfficeTools system every 10 minutes and never withholds data. Even if you don’t have cell service, you’ll still have access to your app and data.

6 Secrets to Practice Management Success

In summary, the OfficeTools mobile app helps you manage your practice on the go. Within the app, you can:

  • Create timecards
  • View, edit, and create contacts
  • View, edit, and create activities (notes, calls, and to-do’s)
  • View appointments

Why Choose OfficeTools for Accounting Practice Management?

OfficeTools is a trusted practice management software for accounting and tax firms. It helps users manage their practices, bill clients, and run detailed reports. It also streamlines entire firms by integrating key operations — including workflows, staffing, scheduling, and time and billing — into a single screen. This keeps everything (and everyone) organized as you bring in new clients.

OfficeTools eliminates bottlenecks in your workflows, helping you meet deadlines and eliminating the need to manually assign work. How you ask? It automates workflow and allows you to assign work to the right person, at the right stage in the project.

OfficeTools is a digital tool that integrates with your tax and accounting software and email. Ultimately, it eliminates redundancy and gives your firm everything it needs to be a firm of the future.