How was your data conversion?


By Jerry Love, CPA

How was your data conversion?

In the past 35+ years in public accounting, I have been through and supervised many conversions for time & billing systems. The norm in those conversions is to establish your cut-off date, determine the balance for each client in WIP & AR and only enter that balance. This means that you have no history in your new system and if there is ever a question about what was billed or which invoices were paid, you have to rely on whatever you kept from the old system (often in printouts).

When Office Tools Professional surveyed my profile for the conversion, they very honestly told me that they had never made a conversion from my prior vendor but they would “see what they could do”. Much to my delight, they were able to take my database, write a conversion routine and converted a very high percentage of my prior data.

This meant that the conversion gave me a full detail history of all our time records, invoices, payments and adjustments made from the beginning of my firm. In February 2011 I left a large firm to venture out and start my own and it has been very beneficial for those occasions when we or a client has a historical question.

I would not want to make a promise on behalf of Office Tools Professional that they can convert anything, but what I found was a very competent team who listened to me as I expressed my wishes to have as much converted as possible. They did not give me a pat answer of “no we cannot do that because we have never done it before.” Instead they did the research and found a solution making a great deal of data available in the Practice Management software.

By far, this has been the most successful and complete conversion that I have ever had in a time & billing program. Making Office Tools Professional the best time and billing program for us!