3 Ways You Can Strengthen Your Firm’s Online Presence

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It’s an understatement to say the pandemic has had an impact on accounting firms. But it’s especially uncomfortable that the situation is still affecting firms differently, especially on how firms market themselves. Because traditional, in-person means of marketing and making connections are less common, maintaining a consistent online presence has become one of the most effective and worthwhile marketing tools an accounting firm has at its disposal.

How can your accounting firm improve their online presence?

If you’re interested in building a stronger online presence, here are three questions your firm should start with.

  1. Who are your prospective clients?
    To build an effective online presence, you first need to define your ideal prospective client. What industry are they in? What kinds of accounting services do they typically need, and how much they can afford to spend?As you refine your target, the better the  opportunity for you to become visible. You’ll start to see patterns in where your prospective clients spend time online, which kinds of social media they engage with, and what accounting technologies they already deploy. You can then start to customize your online presence through that lens.
  2. How do you currently appear online?
    When the business world moves online, the overall impression of your social media presence and website becomes your storefront. It needs to look sharp and attractive to prospective clients, just as your physical building does. So, take a look: is your brand identity cohesive across platforms?  Are you on the social platforms where you perspective clients are? Do your colors, voice, and message all work together? If not, you’ll want to work with a web design or marketing agency to spruce things up and make sure you’re giving a positive first impression to your clients.
  3. How easy is it to get to know you online?
    Even if everything about your web presence looks presentable, it can be difficult to regularly put out the kind of content that builds a strong connection with prospective clients. Because ultimately that’s what an online presence needs to do: show visitors who you are, what your firm stands for, and give them a sense of what it would be like to work with you. The more honest you can be with the stories you share, the more trust you build. And over time, that leads to a healthy business. Consider including stories or testimonials about how you have helped other clients improve their businesses.

Use your firm’s website to survive and thrive

There’s never been a better time to build up your online presence. If you’re facing a slow few months, a strong online presence will help you gain business. If times are busy, a strong online presence helps you serve your customers better. With the right mindset, a little patience, and an effective strategy, you can develop an online presence that supports your business through the highs and lows to come.