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This video describes how to save custom reports.


The reports in Practice Management provide users with a wide arrange of options, filters, and sorts. To make running reports easier we have added the ability to save your report settings as a custom report.

On any reports tab in the reports screen you’ll see an Add, Edit, Save, and Delete button. To save a custom report, simply select the report you would like to save the settings for, choose your filters options and sorts, and the click on the add button to create and name your custom report. The edit button will allow you to rename a report. The save button will allow you to save changes made to a custom report. If you decide to, you can delete a report by selecting it first and clicking the delete button.

For example, let’s say that you wanted to run a report that gave you totals of all staff PTO tracked within a period. Typically the best report to run for this would be the Timecard Utilization Partial report, sorted by staff, filtered to only display those work codes you have marked to be Paid Time Off. Once these settings are in place, clicking the Add button prompts me to name the report, let’s call it “PTO Partial Detail” you can see that now our report has been added to the list.

Using this new feature you can shorten the amount of time it takes to run the specific report you are looking for, making information even more accessible. 
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