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Our Two day summit will provide up to 10 CPE Credit. The Agenda will cover Setup, Basic Functions and Advanced Options of many areas of OfficeTools Workspace including Projects, Billing and Document Management. Workshops will give everyone a opportunity to ask questions and network with other users in an open forum.

Day 1
Time Session Speaker
12:30PM -1:00PM Introductions of Trainers and Attendees, Summit Overview
Meet your Trainer and Introduce yourself and your team!
1:00PM -2:00PM General Setup & Usage, Tip & Tricks
Learn more about the basics, this is a great way opportunity to educate new staff on how Workspace works, and re-visit best practices for experienced users.
2:00PM -3:00PM Project setup
Setting up Projects correctly is important to having efficient and productive workflow, learn what you need to know in this session.
3:00PM -3:15PM Break
3:15PM -4:15PM Project Training
Now that your Projects are setup correctly, what are the best practices when using them? Let’s talk about it!
4:15PM -5:15PM Projects Workshop (Roundtable with a scenario driven discussion)
Workflow, Budgets, Documents, Billing and more. Hands-on Discussion with other users on how they use Projects, networking at its finest.
5:15PM -6:15PM General Q&A
Still not clear on something? The floor is yours!
Day 2
Time Session Speaker
7:00AM -8:00AM Breakfast Provided
8:00AM -9:00AM Billing Setup
Workcodes, Rates and Invoices Oh my! We will cover how to best setup Time & Billing, based on many different billing styles.
9:00AM -10:00AM Billing Training
Where to click, when to click, what happens after clicking? Billing processes can vary for every Firm, in this session well cover your options.
10:00AM-10:15AM Break
10:15AM -11:15AM Billing Workshop (Roundtable with a scenario driven discussion)
Fixed Fee, Time Based, Value Billing and more. Hands-on Discussion with other users on how they Bill with Workspace, networking at its finest.
11:15AM -12:15PM Document and Portal setup
Best Practices and Consideration when starting with DMS and Workspace Online.
12:15PM -1:15PM Lunch Provided
1:15PM -2:15PM Workspace Online training
Paperless is more than scanning. Learn how to maximize Workspaces DMS and Portal.
2:15PM -3:15PM Q & A Workshop

This schedule is not finalized, and is subject to change.

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