We understand that software alone isn’t enough to improve your firm. Every year the accounting and tax industry is changing and maturing. We are continually asking ourselves how we can help firms improve and which best practices actually work. Our trainers have accumulated a great deal of experience and success working with firms, introducing new concepts and best practices for managing today’s firm.

Something for Everyone

The focus of our summit is to help you learn how to use more of OfficeTools WorkSpace so your firm can thrive. We will be sharing information on our newest features and partnerships, as well as our exciting plans for the future. We will provide Basic and Advanced instruction as well as lead Round Table Discussions on the most powerful and essential program features.


Whether you’re brand new to OfficeTools WorkSpace or just want to brush up on the fundamentals, our User Summits have you covered. Some time is set aside at the beginning of every Summit to go over the basics, navigating the program, adding contacts, entering time, interacting with projects, scheduling appointments, saving documents, and much more. The Basic Training portion of our Summits are designed to give you a solid foundation in the everyday use of all features of the program, and focuses less on the more advanced setup of these features.

Did you know OfficeTools WorkSpace has a built-in instant messenger? You’ll learn all about AIMI (Alerts and Instant Message Interface), or very own inter-office messenger designed for simplicity and security.


Get ready for a deep time. The advanced portion of our Summits get into use and setup of WorkSpace’s most powerful features.

You’ll learn how projects can be customized to suit a variety of different workflow needs, how to customize and use the different project notifications and budget features, and how to do advanced analysis of the projects in your office through the reporting module. We’ll cover billing setup from beginning to end, including work codes, billing rates, invoicing options, and advanced automating billing features. You’ll learn how to set up your billing process to increase opportunities for automation and dramatically reduce the time you spend creating invoices each month.

Other Advanced topics include form letters, automatic schedule reminders, document portal, and much more.


One of the highlights of our Summits are the incredible opportunities to network and connect with other OfficeTools firms. The round table discussion sessions encourage users from different offices to engage with one another, asking questions and sharing insights into the software you all use on a daily basis.

Round tables aren’t the only opportunity to learn from one another. Throughout the Summit there will be regularly scheduled times for Q&A, which typically evolve into guided discussions on the topics being covered in that session, providing you the opportunity to learn from your colleagues’ questions and offer solutions that you’ve discovered yourself.

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