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Powerful Workflow

No matter how you run your practice you can be certain that nothing will be missed. With project alerts, on-screen statistics and staffing budgets; every aspect of workflow is simple and natural.


Find Clients Instantly

Know instantly what is going on with your client; who’s working with the client, what documents are associated with them, the last time they were called/emailed and how much they owe.


Staff Delegation

Delegation doesn’t have to be stacks of sticky notes, lists and daily meetings. Everyone will be on the same page with instant access to vital information. Ensure your staff is effective with real-time assignment review.

Knowing Your Schedule

Your calendar, their calendar, the firms’ calendar, all together or separate. See as much detail as you want, when you want, with a click of your mouse.


No More Wasted Time

Record time worked for payroll, billing or both. Track mileage and expenses too. With built-in features to ensure all time is recorded, you won’t waste time.


Manage Projects Easily

Tracking projects, assignments and deadlines won’t keep you up at night anymore. Increased awareness through detailed statistics makes managing your business effortless.

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