From: CPA Practice Advisor – Firm Management Review

Published: December 2015

By John Higgins

Office Tools Professional

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Best Fit: Office Tools Pro (OTP) is not just a CRM system; it is also a practice management, workflow and client portal solution. The nature of the OTP offering makes it a real good fit for firms ranging from sole practitioners to 50 user sites. OTP offers a nice bundle of integrated applications, with the client / contact database serving as the foundation.


  • Breadth of functionality to serve as a practice management solution
  • Central contact database integrated with multiple applications
  • Integrated client portal solution

Potential Limitations

  • Scope of functionality goes well beyond CRM, so it may be more than you are looking for.
  • Not designed as a cloud based / browser based application

Core Product Functions / Features

The core OTP application is Practice Management Workspace aka Workspace. This application provides a variety of tools to manage your practice: contact management, document storage, time tracking, client billing, note tracking, project management and more. The system is designed to be used primarily via a single screen interface referred to as the “main screen” with tabs and links that take you to the various “activities” screens. All of the screens evolve around the client contact record.

The main contact screen displays an abundance of typical contact information, as well as tabs across the top to directly access all of the related contact information. A list of your clients / contacts is displayed along the left side of your screen, along with an easy to use search tool. At the bottom of the screen is the staff activity list, which displays all the activities by staff person that are associated with this contact: phone calls, email messages, to do items, appointments and more.

The Workspace application provides direct integration to Microsoft Outlook for email, contact and calendar information. The Projects tab will take you directly to the clients WIP & billing information with the ability to generate an invoice directly from that screen. You can also view the staff assigned to this project and re-assign tasks as necessary. Phone calls can be logged and tagged to a specific engagement. The Documents tab displays a list of the files that relate to that specific client engagement. This provides a pretty direct path to all of your engagement documents.

The Share button on the main workspace allows you to upload a client file directly to the cloud based portal application. The online client portal can be fully branded with your firm’s image and setup as a login directly from your public web site. You can accept client credit card payments via the portal, post client messages and launch email marketing campaigns. New features that are being added include online timesheet entry and appointment requests and availability.

Summary & Pricing

OTP key feature is that integration of all of the applications included. The pricing for OTP is based on an annual subscription beginning at $600 for a single concurrent user. The Large Office package is priced at $9,500 for 40 users, with many plans available in between the two. The online client portal application is priced based on your storage requirements: 5 GB = $580, 15 GB = $880 and 35 GB is $1,200 annually.

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